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Claudia della Frattina

Claudia della Frattina 1.jpeg

If a woman rebels against high heeled shoes, she should take care to do it in a very smart hat.


George Bernard Shaw

I started producing my collection in 2014.

I use high quality felt and straw for my hats and I tend to produce the accessories with recycled fabrics and other items, with the idea of giving a new life to old designer clothing, precious fabric leftovers and samples, vintage costume jewelry and accessories of all kinds.

I called my brand JCN because I wanted to dedicate it to my late mother Jutta and grandmother (Oma) Nina.
They are my inspiration. I inherited from them a sense of creativity and a passion for elegance. Since I was very little, my mother taught me to sew and to recycle any kind of materials for creative purposes; with Oma Nina, a ceramist, I used to attend during summers the ceramic schools in Worpswede, cradle of the German Expressionism. From her I learned the art of taking care of my appearance. My paternal grandmother Olga, Countess della Frattina, passed away when I was still a child but thanks to her I keep the strong persuasion that a woman doesn’t board a cruise ship without white gloves!

I believe a hat must inspire, make you joyful, be a topic of conversation, and this is never achieved by staying too much on the safe side!

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