Black Beret with Veiling and Neon Green Chenille Dots

Black Beret with Veiling and Neon Green Chenille Dots

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Berets with feathers and with veiling have become a classic JCN design and will always be a part of my F/W collections. So easy to wear, warm and comfortable, stylish, a never fading trend.


This is a black beret (50% Wool 50% Acrylic) with black veiling and neon green chenille dots.


All the chenille dots are hand-applied on the finished beret, a rather long and painful process, but the end result is worth it!


The veiling is soft with very large diamonds, it's an imitation of the 1940s veils and not easy to find.


The idea of the berets with veiling comes from my desire to have a special hat that I could put in a trolley for short trips or in my purse while I'm in town, without ruining it.


I made it so that you can hide most of the veil under the beret for a more sober effect, or let the veil go down on the face for a more dramatic effect. I find it very practical, especially for small trips, to have two hats in one!

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